Vegan Love is a Vegan Restaurant in New York, NY

Try a new way to eat. Vegan Love is an organic restaurant in New York, NY dedicated to providing raw, plant-based foods that are healthy, nourishing, and made with the freshest and purest ingredients. While ownership has changed hands, we still believe in improving the way you eat, with no harm to the environment and the animals we share our world with.

Vegan food has been on a journey of transformation. Recipes have been perfected and now you can enjoy all the great taste without any of the animal products or byproducts. Try one of our guacamole burgers, veggie dogs, green soups, or acai bowls, ready to eat in-house, on the go, or at home! All of our food is made with love and our culinary practices are firmly rooted in not compromising the health of our customers for the sake of profit, making us your go-to spot for vegan cuisine in New York.

Treat your body and the environment with more love. To sample what we have to offer, please pay us a visit at Vegan Love today!

What Makes Us Proud
  • Fresh Ingredients
  • Made with Love
  • Organic Food
Locations Served
  • New York, NY